Ftp sites (specific software packages)

o 7-zip
o AOMEI Backupper
o AutoIt Automate and script Windows Tasks
o Borland C++ and other products
o Emacs Primary site
o Ghostscript
o Ghostscript ftp Postscript display, conversion
o Info-zip
o IrfanView Freeware image viewer for Windows
o Lavasoft Ad-aware scanner
o M.A.M.E Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
o Media Player Classic
o Memtest86 Stand-alone memory test
o pdftk PDF Toolkit
o Persistence of Vision Raytracer
o POV raytracer ftp
o Project Mayo Open DivX ;) development
o Q-dir Mulit-pane explorer replacement for Windows
o Regina Rexx
o Remind
o Spybot Search and Destroy Adware/Spyware remover
o Super Mongo
o The Kermit Project
o Ultimate Boot CD
o Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
o UUDeview Decoder for MIME and uuencoded files
o UUDWin32 Decoder for various xx-encode formats
o VideoLAN Mutli-platform MPEG and DVD viewer
o VideoReDo
o xplorer2 Windows Explorer replacement

Network and Internet software

o Firefox
o Ipswitch WS_Ftp
o NeOS peer-to-peer networking for DOS (from Croatia)
o Pegasus email public community site
o Privoxy ad-filtering proxy I recommend their software, but not their sponsored links
o Putty Free Telnet/Ssh client for Windows
o Qualcomm Eudora
o Qualcomm ftp Eudora
o Roaring Penguin PPPoE client for Linux
o Seamonkey
o SeaMonkey Add-ons
o Ssh.com Secure shell
o VNC TightVNC
o VNC UltraVNC
o Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) Network sniffer for Unix and Windows
o Xpra Xpra is an open-source multi-platform persistent remote display server and client for forwarding app

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