o Borland C++ and other products
o C++ Annotations for C programmers who would like to make the transition to C++
o C++ FAQ
o MFC. Win32, C++, VC++
o C and C++
o Digital Mars C, C++ and D compilers
o DJ Delorie Author of djgpp (MS-DOS port of gcc/g++)
o djgpp web ring
o LCC-Win32 a free 95/NT C compiler
o Obfuscated C Code Contest
o Object Central
o Qt 64-bit installer for Windows
o Qt Centre forum
o Qt Project
o Qt Project forums
o Steve Summit's Introductory C Course
o Visual C++ FAQ

DOS batch language


o The Fortran Company

General programming links

o 17 Snippet storage sites Various code fragments and docs
o 97 Things every programmer should know
o DevX
o Koders Source code search engine
o Mathtools Technical computing links from The Mathworks (Matlab)
o Planet Source Code C/C++, Java and Visual Basic source code
o Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages


o HTML Writers Guild HTML Resources
o WebLint HTML validation
o Xenu Link Sleuth

HTML Editors

o HotDog


o Java at Oracle
o Oracle Java Tutorials
o Thinking in Java free online book


o Bookmarklets Javascript fragments for your web browser toolbar
o JavaScript Kit
o Mozilla Javascript
o Open Directory Javascript Collections list


o Emacs Wiki
o Links to Emacs lisp packages


o Msw Logo

PCL (hp printer language)

o GhostPCL PCL viewer for Unix and Windows
o Language Reference


o CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
o CPAN site selector
o Leeds Perl tutorial

Postscript and PDF

o AccessPDF A PDF Forum for Users and Programmers
o Aladdin Ghostscript ftp
o ElcomSoft
o Ghostscript
o Mathematical Illustrations Book on using postscript for making drawings
o Multivalent PDF Tools Cross-platform (Java-based)
o pdftk PDF Toolkit
o Planet PDF


o Album of Algorithms and Techniques in Rexx
o IBM Rexx Family
o Regina Rexx
o Rexx Language Association

Visual Basic

o Chris & Tim's
o FreeVBCode
o Microsoft
o Parallel port central includes port I/O access from VB
o VB
o VBnet
o Visual Basic Instinct

Windows scripting

o Microsoft Script Center Repository

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